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ZeroWaste Technologies will own and operate comprehensive hazardous and industrial waste management facilities for the safe treatment and disposal of hazardous and toxic waste streams of the kingdom. Residuals Management:

ZWT has over a decade’s experience in residual waste management (RWM) methods and offers the following

  • » RWM options:
    Solar Treatment
    Land filling
    Chemical Treatment, such as, neutralization, oxidation/reduction and precipitation
    PCB Treatment Biological Treatment:
    Land farming
    Infectious Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal:
    Steam sterilization technology or autoclaving or plasma destruction technology will be used for the treatment of infectious medical waste.


QA/QC Checks:

Stringent quality control checks are made at every stage of the waste treatment and disposal process. At periodic intervals, air, water and soil are monitored to ensure that its facilities are not inadvertently polluting the environment. ZWT's staff are trained extensively in the scientific handling of the different waste. Standard operating procedures for handling of waste is developed and adhered to rigorously. Meticulous documentation of all the processed waste is maintained at the facility. Chain-of-control is established in waste handling. ZWT accords the highest importance to work place safety issues and has provided the requisite safety measures at these sites.


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