Twenty years of uninterrupted research, carried out by a group of environmentally- oriented specialists from all walks of life, resulted in a totally new stand v.v. the ever-increasing piles of discarded material produced by municipalities and mistakenly referred to as " Municipal Solid Waste"

Our research has proved that what is "unwanted" by an individual is not necessarily refused by the society; what the ordinary person sees as rejected matter destined for the incinerator or the landfill is seen by the knowledgeable eyes of the scientists as a mine of precious elements thru which man can achieve long sought sustainability in vital community issues including, but not limited to, economics, health, and social development.

This philosophy has encouraged scientists to study the constituents of the MSW in details and find a specially tailored solution for each element. Their success in converting disgusting and sickening piles of domestic refuse into power –producing methane gas and crop-yielding organic fertilizers have brought them one step nearer to the Ideal situation of "Zero-Waste" , the State of Honor attainable by civilized societies.

Recycling of the other major section of MSW, namely the In-organics , proved to be the inevitable task that man has to do to bridge the gap to "Zero-waste". Again, this effort uncovered a great reward to man ,most significant part of it, was the relief that resulted in finding an environmental substitute to landfills and incinerators and avoiding their catastrophic consequences.

Our task goes beyond treatment of MSW by incorporating the liquid part of man-made refuse and treating both the solid and the liquid versions of waste under one roof. Our integrated treatment plants have a once-and-for-all scheme to render a healthy, environmental and money producing remedy to urban and rural communities all over the world. It signaled a new era where by man endeavors to deal with his environment in a friendly manner.


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